Liquids Research Limited produce ferrofluids based on ferrite and metal particles. A wide range of ready made and custom made magneto-rheological dispersions are also available.


The philosophy of Liquids Research Limited is to supply specialist materials to industry who have an interest in developing new applications for these exciting materials.


As Europe's leading manufacturer of magnetic colloids and related materials, Liquids Research Limited is uniquely placed to provide a comprehensive consultancy service for their clients.


Apart from our standard catalogue products, Liquids Research have a number of client projects underway for development of tailored magnetic fluids, nanoparticles and magnetorheological dispersions.

Role of Ferrofluid in a Seal

Traditional labyrinth rotary seals require constant maintenance to perform at an optimum level. They are also subject to wear and accumulation of particulate material, which can compromise the performance of a seal. 

By the use of a ferrofluid to act as a magnetic O-ring and used in conjunction with traditional labyrinth seals, a rotary seal is produced where the shaft of the seal provides hermetic sealing with zero leakage.

Smart Seal Magnetic Circuit

Due to the magnetic nature of the ferrofluid seal, foreign particles are actually expelled from the system rather than accumulated.

 As the ferrofluid consists of a high quality lubricating oil there is minimal wear. Where a large pressure differential is required, ferrofluid based seals typically give a burst pressure of several atmospheres.Ultimate burst pressure is governed by the number of stages in the seal.

Other sealing applications include the use of ferrofluid to seal hard disk drives. Liquids Research Limited have a proven track record in providing high quality ferrofluids for vacuum and non vacuum sealing applications. We manufacture fluids of high colloidal stability in a variety of carrier liquids, including synthetic oils and in perfluoropolyethers (PFPE) for use in hostile environments.

VacuMAG™ Fluid Specifications

Fluids with saturation magnetisation of up to 600 Gauss and greater can be produced with viscosities between 1000cP and 25,000cP. See below for details.   
VacuMAG™ PFPE for hostile environments  

Ms (mT) Viscosity (mPas) Vapour Pressure order of magnitude at 20°C (Pa)
45 5,000 1E-7
F11   40  10,000 1E-9
F13   40  20,000 1E-11
F16   40  25,000 1E-14

 For vapour pressure in c.g.s units click here

VacuMAG™ Hydrocarbon based for vacuum and non vacuum

Ms (mT) Viscosity (mPas) Vapour Pressure order of magnitude at 20°C (Pa)
60 1,200 1E-7
H9B 40 2,000 1E-7

H9 30 <1,000 1E-7

For vapour pressure in c.g.s units click here
VacuMAG™ Low Starting Torque Hydrocarbon Based Ferrofluid
  Ms (mT) Viscosity (mPas) Vapour Pressure order of magnitude at 20°C (Pa)
40 300 1E-7

For c.g.s units click here

Unless otherwise stated all viscosity values are ±15% and Ms values are ± 5% of the quoted values.
Viscosity measured at 27°C.

For further information on the use of vacuum sealing fluid click here.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Typical heavy duty seals

Typical 10mm diameter seal


Magnetorheological Fluids
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