Liquids Research Limited produce ferrofluids based on ferrite and metal particles. A wide range of ready made and custom made magneto-rheological dispersions are also available.


The philosophy of Liquids Research Limited is to supply specialist materials to industry who have an interest in developing new applications for these exciting materials.


As Europe's leading manufacturer of magnetic colloids and related materials, Liquids Research Limited is uniquely placed to provide a comprehensive consultancy service for their clients.


Apart from our standard catalogue products, Liquids Research have a number of client projects underway for development of tailored magnetic fluids, nanoparticles and magnetorheological dispersions.

Magnetorheological Fluids

Magnetorheological fluids are stable suspensions of magnetically polarisable micron sized particles suspended in a low volatility carrier fluid, usually a synthetic hydrocarbon. Liquids Research Limited produce magneto-rheological fluids that are capable of giving high shear stresses at low applied magnetic fields. The unique nature of this class of magnetic fluid allows dramatic changes in rheology to occur within the bulk of the fluid on application of a relatively modest magnetic field.

The material can change from being fluid to solid almost instantaneously, the rheology of the material reverting to its original state upon removal of the field.

Fluid No. % Packing  Carrier Oil  Viscosity 
MRHCCS4-A   70 Hydrocarbon  thixotropic 
MRHCCS4-B   80 Hydrocarbon  thixotropic 

Magnetorheological fluids have existed for over fifty years. However, it is only now that fluids are available that are stable and give shear stresses that are adequate in demanding applications such as automotive damping. Liquids Research Limited produce thixotropic magneto-rheological fluids that are suitable for applications where high shear stresses are required, these applications include seat suspensions, vehicle suspension systems and exercise equipment.
Magnetorheological Fluids
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Liquids Research Limited produce magnetorheological fluids for a broad range of light and heavy duty engineering applications. Liquids Research have many years experience on the formulation of magnetorheological fluids and together with our customers in the automotive and other sectors, are working together to bring magnetorheological fluids into the 21st century.

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